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Tampa, FL, USA

Video editor • screenwriter • art director • producer • videographer • animator • filmmaker • visual fx • graphics designer

Hello! I am the founder of #Advertising, a video production company that prides itself on prompt, high-quality videos. My team can do anything from 2-D animated explainer videos, to sophisticated CGI rendering. It is all about the budget you have for your production. I started my career as a creative writer, then branched off, using my storytelling abilities in marketing and branding. Over the course of my ten plus years in marketing, I have created presentations, videos, graphics, articles, and more for corporations, investors, small businesses, and individuals alike. After 10 years of helping others grow their start-ups into successful companies, I decided it was time to start my own. That is how #Advertising was born. I have discovered that the true secret to advertising is making an emotional connection to your audience. So I work hard to ensure every project has a memorable emotional impact. I also believe that no customer should leave unsatisfied. That is why I guarantee all of my projects. My team and I won't stop until you have exactly what you want!








A promotional HD 3-D video with an environmental theme. Just a demonstration of what we are capable of.


Like animated explainer videos? We can make them by the dozen!

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