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Anthony Rowe

Seattle, WA, USA

Video editor • director • producer • videographer • camera operator • filmmaker

ANTHONY ROWE Anthony Rowe's passion for cinematography began at an early age. In high school, as an aggressive inline skater, he captured many hours of video tape before realizing there was a way to break down and edit the material. Through editing, his passion for video grew and his desire to visually create a story through a lens became reality. To further his artistic abilities, he enrolled in the video production program at the Art Institute of Seattle. There, he established a networking base and mastered new video skills and techniques. Since, he has worked on diverse projects, such as live events, weddings, music videos, concerts, product promos, real estate videos and cooperate productions. He is also a camera operator for various sports teams, including the Seattle Mariners, University of Washington Athletics, high school sports and more. Anthony loves taking on different projects and interacting with new people. His goal is to always achieve, have fun and never stop learning. www.anthonyrowefilms.com

Here is my highlight reel 2015 // part 1. Enjoy!


Here is my highlight reel 2015 // part 1. Enjoy!

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