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New Jersey, USA

Copywriter • video editor • animator • character animator • motion graphics designer • visual fx • illustrator • graphics designer • sound fx • voice actor/actress

​Dreamers. Artists. Believers. Storytellers. We are a fun group of diverse personalities brought together by a single, unifying goal – telling memorable stories. Since 2009, we have produced more than 3,00,000+ seconds of handcrafted video content till date for 500+ big brands like eBay, Johnson & Johnson, Walgreens, AdTech, Nokia, CSC, Ricoh, and Network18 etc . What drives us forward is our undying passion for the art and science of telling visual stories. We work on all animation styles including 2D, 3D, 2.5D, Motion Comic style, Infographics, Whiteboard, Stop-motion etc. Our in-house team of 80+ professionals is well versed with crafting everything related to video production from Concept, Script, Storyboarding, Graphics, Animation, and Voice-over. You can contact us at marketing@b2w.tv

Story For Your Big Idea


Story For Your Big Idea


Process of Making an Awesome Video for Your Business

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