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12 Acre Films

Spokane, WA, USA

Filmmaker • director • videographer • sound engineer • camera operator • video editor • motion graphics designer • color grader • sound fx

I'm a one-man-band video production team. From small business profiles to large corporate sales, or documentary story telling, I'm able to manage any project you throw at me. I own my own gear and can travel anywhere: cameras, lenses, lights, mics, stands, and all those little things you never think of until you need them. Check out my portfolio site at mattslote.com, or google mattslote to find me on social media. I'm the only one!

I had a ton of fun filming this Kickstarter video for a local client. We shot the haircuts in slow motion, then filmed him in his new space talking about what he needs the campaign funds for.


I had a ton of fun filming this Kickstarter video for a local client. We shot the haircuts in slow motion, then filmed him in his new space talking about what he needs the campaign funds for.


This is an intro animation I put together for foodie video channel. The client sent the template that included the background textures and some movement. I added the filters, used motion tracking to insert videos, animated the logo, and edited the music to fit.


I wrote, shot, directed, and edited this short for Vector Marketing. The purpose was to encourage new salespeople to learn their craft by selling to friends and family early in their career.


This is a high-minded concept short film that includes things I've shot over the last few years.

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7 people have recommended 12 Acre Films

Matt did a great job! I was impressed with his attention to detail and eye for quality. He was prompt and good at communicating as well, which I appreciated. I would definitely recommend him!

August 2015 - CourseBasic

We had a wonderful experience with Matt. He was very helpful and professional throughout the entire process. He paid attention to the details, was extremely responsive, and was very easy to work with. Our project was completed well before the due date. He truly went above and beyond our expectations, had a creative eye that was key to our final result, and we would highly recommend him.

March 2016 - Testimonial

I left Matt a review on another project I hired him for. But basically, if it wasn't clear? Matt Slotemaker makes the dos equis guy look like Vanilla ice cream. He rescues kittens before they're even stuck in trees. He solves problems that don't exist, using technology that hasn't been invented yet, with thoughts the rest of us are too dull to understand. Delay in hiring him, not.

January 2016 - Testimonial

Matt is truly Agile! He is quick, responsive and delivers high quality work with great customer service. I was particularly impressed with how Matt understands the importance of good communication, excellent customer service and quick turn-arounds. I look fwd to working with Matt again and highly recommend him. M

June 2016 - Course Basic

He did an amazing job in such short amount on time. Responsible and reliable.

May 2016 - Animated Intro

Matt was a consummate professional. He was so good I hired him for my other gig on VP as well. I've now traveled with him to 4 different states even though I didn't know he existed 45 days ago. Has an eye for editing, for videography, understands social, understands audio (!!!), has all the equipment (including a teleprompter) for an absolute BOSS shoot. I would encourage you to hire Matt as he is awesome. I would DIScourage you from hiring Matt, though, because I want him all to myself. Why get into a senseless bidding war? Just let me have him. But seriously... the MAN.

January 2016 - Testimonial

Matt was unbelievably easy to work with and was very accommodating. I would use him again any time!!!

June 2016 - Product


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