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Richard Boehmcke

New York, NY, USA

Video editor • director • producer • videographer • camera operator • filmmaker

Richard Boehmcke (pronounced Bem-Key) is a prize winning video creator and Creative Director of Vibrant Motion whose videos have received hundreds of thousands of views. He has made hundreds of videos for the travel, education, digital industries and many more. After successfully starting and growing the training and development program at Buddy Media, he left to create the kinds of videos he wanted to see more of. He has shot videos everywhere from San Diego to San Juan. His client list includes startups all the way up to brands like 20th Century Fox, Edelman and many more. In his free time he continues his 200+ episode twice a week video blog.




We spend so much time self editing, applying filters, picking and choosing what we share that we lose the opportunity to really connect on a human level with anybody. Nothing we share online feels truly real. This project is simple. This isn't about how amazing or terrible life is. It is an honest examination of what makes us happy, sad, scared, smile, laugh, cry, snort, whatever. This is a project about all of us.


44 Clips from 13 Shoots in 5 states using 4 different Cameras across 2 countries over one year. This is Vibrant Motion's 2015 reel. Visit VibrantMotion.co


LifeZette and Chef Georgia Pellegrini approached us about putting together a cooking series that brought a rustic and simply approach to being a modern pioneer.


Mansion Records asked us to create a concept for their homegrown Australian Punk band Dingo Baby. They were delighted with the result.


Archway Health needed to distill the complex and overwhelming message of healthcare reform into a simple video and we did just that for them.






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