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Romy Randev

San Francisco, CA, USA

Video editor • director • graphics designer • videographer • art director • filmmaker

A video director and editor with over 10 years of experience in the video production industry. I've directed, shot and edited short films, music, Kickstarter, product videos and much more.

Teaser for my short film "Silicon Alley".


Teaser for my short film "Silicon Alley".


I shot and edited this crowdfunding video for Snickerdoodle, a single-board computer. This video helped raise over $110K.


An amazing interactive light board by Hero Design. I shot and edited this video. It has since been seen over 200K times and was posted to a large number of design blogs including DesignBoom, Gizmodo, Fast Company and many more.


A music video made in collaboration with Alam Khan (alamkhan.com). Shot, directed and edited by Romy Randev.


This video was made for Compass Real Estate to showcase the Russian Hill Neighborhood of San Francisco.


PixiKits are a set of toys that teach young children the basics of engineering. I helped write the script with the client and then traveled to Denver, CO to shoot the footage. I also edited the final video.


I shot and edited this Kickstarter video for State Apparel. The campaign raised raised almost $3K over its intended goal.


This video was made to loop at the company's tradeshow booth. It was designed to show how the company's product is used while also positioning the brand as a Northern California golf company.


Bardo is an experimental short film that explores the moments between life and death. Bardo has been shown on WNET13, a PBS network in New York City and is an official selection at the upcoming SF Movie Fest in San Jose, CA.


I shot and edited this short video that demonstrates the features of this interactive light wall installation that was made for Looma's Open Studio on Dec 14-15, 2013 in Berkeley, CA.


I shot and edited this video to show the features of Umbra, an interactive light piece from Looma.


This video shows the details of a large glass screen made by Looma.

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