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T.J. Syndram

Chicago, IL, USA

Filmmaker • director • producer • copywriter • videographer • video editor

I love telling visual stories that matter to people. Every brand has great stories, every customer is a person.

30 second reel of my latest projects.


30 second reel of my latest projects.


Produced this video for Pepsi feat. St Lucia and Lollapallooza




Wrote and directed Cubs hype video as they made the playoffs. Featured in major news sources as capturing what it means to be a Cubs fan.


Wrote, produced, and directed launch video for upcoming eCommerce functions of The Grid. Currently The Grid is the largest crowdfunded software startup ever (outside of gaming).


Directed and produced this (little writing flexibility) for Caterpillar Innovation. The video was designed specifically for a meeting of the board of directors for this Fortune 50 company. It features motion graphics to demonstrate technology clearly.


2015 Commercial Reel.

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