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Think Reel Films

New Jersey, USA

Director • illustrator • camera operator • filmmaker • character animator • motion graphics designer • videographer • video editor • visual fx • producer • art director • animator • graphics designer

A dynamic and wickedly agile video production house, offering full video services to top advertising agencies and local businesses in the Tri State area. From live events and corporate video shoots, to 3D animations for feature films... Think Reel Films does it all.

Show Reel 2015


Show Reel 2015


Taboola sizzle. Animation and filming at the office. Quick turn around!


Stylized Animated text and video. Shot on location and animation in house


Shot on location and did animation in house.


Talking head. Interviews and B roll. Shot on location and editing in house.


Animation on explaining and describing the clients product. Breathalyzer

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