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Hunt House Pictures

Marina del Rey, CA, USA

Director • copywriter • video editor • screenwriter • filmmaker

I make movies. I have done so since I was twelve, when I saw Fargo for the first time. Some of my movies have won awards. I went to NYU. My inspirations include coffee, cabins, old people, young people, canines (dogs and teeth), Restrepo , bourbon, David Foster Wallace, offensive tattoos, blueberries, Diner, rivers, New York City, mirrors, Tom Waits, twins, railroads, Werner Herzog, pop art, symmetry, asymmetry, crosswords, and four-letter words. I was born in San Francisco. I live in Los Angeles.

ZBoard 2 IndieGoGo Video - Tag: Kickstarter, Indiegogo


ZBoard 2 IndieGoGo Video - Tag: Kickstarter, Indiegogo


Matt's Reel


The Star


Friends of Mine


From Indian Lakes - "Ghost" (official video)


"Ghost Town" by Brolly [art video]

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