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Steve Zieverink, Hypha Films

Chicago, IL, USA

Director • videographer • video editor • filmmaker

Steve Zieverink is a videographer and filmmaker working in Chicago, IL through Hypha Films, a production company for documentary films and support network for independent filmmakers to utilize their skills and connections to give back. He received a BFA at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and MFA at The University of IL, Chicago. He has a cinematic documentary approach and tells artistic stories for those looking to utilize the accessibility of web content, social media and short digital films. Along with supporting Hypha producers, Zieverink provides detailed direction and in depth consultation. The interview process is rigorous, and in depth research is conducted beforehand in an effort to go deeper and pull out meaning. Filming and editing follow the intended plan, in addition to recognizing possible new opportunities to extend possibilities. The end result is a video of dynamic vision that not only meets the desired goal, but surpasses it.

Radical Mycology


Radical Mycology


Trailer / Zhashagi, The Echo Maker


Hypha Films / Interview Dr. Riki Ott


Live Station / Kelly Martin fly fishing the Paw Paw River in Berrien County Michigan


Hypha Films / Interview with Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear at Palisades Nuclear Plant

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