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Motion graphics designer • director • producer • illustrator • character animator • art director • sound fx • animator • video editor • graphics designer

Kasra Design is a boutique animation company specializing in the production of explainer videos and motion graphics for TV commercials, websites, corporate and training purposes. At Kasra Design, we produce effective explainer videos that educate and entertain viewers. Through creative interpretation of a product or service, we help organizations and businesses simplify complex ideas and make the ideas more interesting by injecting a sense of humor.

Showreel 2020


Showreel 2020




How to Avoid Covid-19


Dwayne Johnson - Back Against The Wall


We told Leveller's story in an engaging yet simple motion graphics based explainer video.


Showreel 2018


Don't just use any Australian mortgage broker. Make sure you use one of Australia's most experienced mortgage experts when it comes to Australian Home Lending.


The MinnowBoard Foundation is a US-based non-profit which educates and promotes the design and use of open-source software and hardware in embedded computing on Intel® Architecture. Even though the subject matter is technical, the client wanted a fun and playful look, as evident in the cute fish character in their logo. The characters we designed are diverse and semi-hipster looking, while the city was basically designed to portray a futuristic city (but not too far out into the future).


DealBox is a blockchain business accelerator and crowdfunding platform. The DLBX token is a unique voucher that gives blockchain enthusiasts first access to rigorously vetted, top-tier pre-sale blockchain ventures. Source : kasradesign.com/portfolio/dealbox-ico-crypto-video/


The TrustToken Platform is the bridge between blockchains and the $256 trillion worth of real-world assets. Each tokenized asset will issue its own new coin. These coins represent fractional ownership and control of the asset.


Canadian Pharmacy World serves customers from around the world as a trusted online source of medications, by offering competitive pricing on a wide range of high quality prescription and over-the-counter medications from Canadian and international dispensing pharmacies.


Welcome to the world of crypto, where the global, friction-free power of blockchain has given software projects the ability to fund their development by selling “tokens”.This year alone, token sales have raised over 1bn USD, and this number is growing rapidly. But how do you buy, collect and trade tokens? Welcome to AIRSWAP, the simplest way to trade.


This is the third video we produced for the client. Hepatitis A is a disease that is transmitted through person-to-person contact, or contaminated food or water. In the video, the symptoms were explained to create more awareness of the disease.


These 3D animated sequences were produced for Kasra Design's 2017 Showreel. Enjoy!


We've spent hours of sleepless nights, shed sweat and tears, stared at the monitors and made every single thing in this video with love, care and passion. Do hit the like and share buttons if it's worth a shot :) Visit our website at : http://KasraDesign.com


Legacy Trust Company was established in 1992 in Hong Kong, the world’s third largest and one of the most stable financial services centre in the world. Corporate Video Production by Kasra Design.


STANLEY Engineered Fastening is a STANLEY Black & Decker Inc. Company, with presence in a number of locations worldwide. For more than 40 years, Stanley Engineered Fastening has been revolutionizing fastening and assembly technologies for a variety of industries. Title : Being First to Market Matters Client : Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. Format: HD 720p Concept, Design, Animation : KasraDesign.com


We got the great opportunity to work with the good folks at Ogilvy West for the production of an explainer video to educate and entertain viewers on why they should choose softwood lumber as their home building materials and the relevant benefits. Client : Wood Naturally Agency : Ogilvy West Script & VO : Ogilvy West Illustrations, Storyboard, Sound Design & Animation: Kasra Design


Meet QardioMD. A simple yet powerful tool that saves you time and cost and lets you effectively care for more patients with the click of a button.


By working with Cravo you can create optimum growing conditions year round to produce crops with larger size, with higher yields, longer shelf life, extend your harvest season or target a completely different harvest season. Concept, Illustration & Animation by : KasraDesign.com ExplainerVideoly.com

Twenty One

Seeing matters. So your idea, no matter how complicated, must be presented well.

Twenty Two

This is a compilation of the projects that we've done in the past year. It includes explainer videos, tv commercials, corporate videos, motion graphics, 3d and 2d animations.

Twenty Three

Managing a distributed workforce is no easy task. Especially when you can’t see what they’re doing. Add miscommunication, scheduling nightmares, and poor reporting and it can cost you millions. Gigwalk can make work better. More predictable. More efficient. Animation & Motion Graphics by Kasra Design (http://kasradesign.com)

Twenty Four

Calling Global Industrial will make product selection to application easier for you. Turning you from YOU…to super charged YOU. With over 1.5 million square feet of product space, you can find what you need with just a few clicks on the website, mobile phones or tablets. Client : Global Industrial. (globalindustrial.com)

Twenty Five

Title: Ceiling Fan Safety Awareness Client: Panasonic Script, Concept and Animation: Kasra Design

Twenty Six

GT Radial is a high quality fast growing international brand being sold through an extensive sales and marketing network in more than 100 countries worldwide. GT Radial Tyres are supported by time proven research and development capabilities, modern manufacturing facilities and quality controls which consistently produce high quality products. Client : GT Radial Animation : Kasra Design

Twenty Seven

Glo's revolutionary facial treatment, Skinfix, is a fast, simple, non-invasive Laser and IPL treatment. 2D & 3D Animation by Kasra Design.

Twenty Eight

Animated explainer video for MadFliers.

Twenty Nine

This is a short, funky and lively 3D animated piece which conveys the message of what we do in the end - we create things to inspire in order to bring success to your business and ideas.


What can you do with RM1? Sign up at coupone.com.my and pay only RM1 to purchase a deal! Coupone – Your RM1 just got a lot bigger! Video Type : Whiteboard Animation

Thirty One

This is the second video we developed for Intsig’s app, CamCard, a card scanning app with over 50 million users around the world. Unlike the first video we produced for CamCard Business, our client wanted a live action video without voice-over. We used a combination of stock footage, stock images and motion graphics to achieve the result the client was looking for. The video tells the story of how the characters use CamCard to collaborate in a project.

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