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Denver, CO, USA

Director • illustrator • camera operator • graphics designer • art director • filmmaker • character animator • motion graphics designer • copywriter • color grader • videographer • video editor • visual fx • producer • gaffer • animator

Great content can sell products and build brands. Riposte can make it easier, faster and more affordable than ever. My name is Tristan Olson and my company—Riposte—is a video content creation company here in Denver. We’ve created a model that breaks down all of the barriers that might be keeping you from creating fresh, relevant, compelling content for web, social or broadcast media: Time, cost, and message. We do creative concepting and scripting. We do shoots and edits. We do visual effects, animation, music and more. We even do some wild new things like VR, Augmented Reality and 360-degree video. Riposte is not an ad agency, but we think like one. We’re not just a production company, but can do everything they do. We’re something new. And we might be perfect for you.

Xcel Energy "Gamer" - TV spot that included full VFX (visual effects) and animation.


Xcel Energy "Gamer" - TV spot that included full VFX (visual effects) and animation.


Kashi - "Carpe Kashi" - This was a fun broadcast television spot that we edited, color-graded, and did the animation / motion-graphics for. We also did the product renderings at the end which were fully CG.


Enstrom Candies - "Giving is All We Get" - We did the production and post on a series of web and social videos - more than 100... yikes! for this delicious candy company!


Penrose Cancer Center - "Cyberknife" - Coordinated all production and post for this life-saving new cancer treatment.


Snowmass Resort - Handled all post-production and animation / graphics for these tv commercials and web ads.


Xcel Energy - "We All Do" - Motion Graphics and Animation spot that played on TV and Web.


Xcel Energy "Efficiency" - Motion Graphics and Animation piece for web and TV.


Ford - "Done" - Full edit and post-production including edit, color-grade, color-correction and motion graphics.


Comex - "All in" - Kickstarter like video . Handled all production and post.


The Broadmoor - Animated still images from photoshoot to create a tv spot. Great way to bring high-end production value when a large budget wasn't available.


Whittington Center - Kickstarter like video. Handled all production, post production, writing, concept, and VFX.


Xcel Energy - Joy and Energy


Wyoming Lotto - "Just Maybe" - Animation, Motion Graphics


Verizon Wireless "Business Devices"

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Riposte was receptive to changes and quick to fix any issues my company had in their edits.

February 2016 - Commercial

Riposte was very flexible in taking direction and working with us towards the right approach and end outcome, thus providing for a good balance between unleashing creativity as well as a repeatable template that we can use down the road.

October 2016 - Product


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