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Therese Anne

Hong Kong

Video editor

video editor, producer, wedding video editor





My Better Half - Jennifer Blair-Bianco & David Bianco - Tags: Wedding



Jeff & Laure Wedding Highlight



Allison & Ben


Therese show reel




Tattoo Artists


Alyssa & Graham Wedding. Lindsey Lee Photography. - Tags: Wedding


Katelyn & Braiden Wedding. Lindsey Lee Photography - Tags: Wedding


Allison & Robert Wedding PhotoFusion - Tags: Wedding


Katy & Marc Wedding. Lindsey Lee Photography - Tags: Wedding

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9 people have recommended Therese Anne

Therese was a great communicator and was patient with every request of mine!

July 2016 - Wedding

This is one of THE TOP editors on this site. She provides many different ways to communicate and I'm based in NYC and had no issues communicating with her. I'm so glad that I have used her again. Thanks Anne!!!

December 2016 - Wedding

Therese Anne is the best! Puts stuff together without a ton of guidance, great with rhythm, great with music selection, all of it.

May 2017 - Vacation

I love working with Therese Anne , her work flow is amazing. I tell her what I want the video to look like and it's like she reads my mind. Can't wait to work with her again.

July 2017 - Wedding

Therese Anne is awesome! Great sense of style, great taste in music, easy to work with.

November 2016 - Vacation

Therese was great as always. Can put togehter a great video with very little direction. Has a great sense of rhythm with the editing.

July 2017 - Vacation

Therese has been amazing to work with. My clients have been absolutely thrilled with the work she has done. She has a great attention to detail and understands how to show great emotion through her editing. She is professional, punctual and works quickly. I highly recommend her! :)

October 2016 - Event

Great communication and the videos look awesome. Feedback is never taken personally.

July 2016 - Wedding

Therese Anne is the best! No, seriously, she is.

June 2016 - Vacation


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