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Vitascope Arts

Santa Monica, CA, USA

Video editor • director • producer • filmmaker

Vitascope Arts is a boutique production company specializing in branded content for TV commercials, websites and corporate purposes.

Simpliflow Sports | “Drum Roll”


Simpliflow Sports | “Drum Roll”


Odo Denim | “Re-Live”


Podo Labs | “Introducing Jack”


Liftoff | “Dynamic Ads”


Liftoff | “Re-engagement Ads”


Podo Labs | “Introducing Belle”


Strive | “We Are Strive”


Levi’s x 49er’s | “We Are San Francisco”


Makeupfood | “Faces” (:60)


HoMedics | “Me Time” (:30)


HoMedics | “Tennis Man” (:30)


The Inside | “Home Tour” (:30)


Ruggable | “Game Day”

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18 people have recommended Vitascope Arts

Good communication! Outstanding Experience!

July 2015 - Kickstarter

Vitascope was a great partner to work with! Upon receiving a script, they reviewed, provided comments, and after final was developed they began to schedule the appropriate production pieces. Cole specifically delivered a beautifully staged environment, actor selection was good, and post-production video editing with music was selected perfectly to our needs.

November 2016 - Kickstarter

Let's start with what matters: I got a great end product that I'm happy with. Cole and his crew were extremely thorough with every shot, not cutting any corners and even getting more takes for insurance when I was ready to move on. He also welcomed my being at the shoot and worked with my tastes and needs every step of the way, through editing and post. He also went the extra mile to help me with an alternate cut of the project for use on other platforms, in addition to the defined work at the beginning. Communication is great and the shots were beautiful. I highly recommend Vitascope Arts and will use them again.

January 2017 - Kickstarter

EXCELLENT, QUICK RESPONSE TIME, PRECISE EXECUTION, SUPERB PROFESSIONAL TEAM. These guys set the bar really high, especially director Cole Mueller who orchestrated the whole production. His professionalism and passion for his craft was immediately evident and his team's technical ability made it so we were even ecstatic with the First Cut! Future cuts needed minimal revision and the entire process was seamless for our two teams. 5 stars.

October 2015 - Kickstarter

This client told us they would recommenced Vitascope Arts to a friend, but did not leave a comment

July 2020 - Kickstarter

Cole was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend Vitascope Arts to anyone looking for quality video production. The team was engaged and professional throughout the entire project and brought our vision to life. Excellent job!

January 2018 - Product

We hired Vitascope Arts to produce a video for our upcoming KickStarter campaign, and we were thrilled with the results. Cole was easy to communicate with, very professional, and took care of everything (script, set, crew, actors, and post-production with motion graphics.) If things go well with our campaign we will definitely be returning to Vitascope for more ads.

October 2017 - Kickstarter

Great work, affordable and incredibly well done.

November 2021 - Product

Cole from Vitascope is absolutely brilliant at what he does. I would hire him in the blink of an eye and I would recommend him to anyone who wants great quality video in a short turn around time. I also love the fact that Cole is very professional and always willing to meet and exceed your expectations. Great work Cole.

October 2020 - Kickstarter

I really enjoyed working with Vitascope Arts on my Project. Vitascope demonstrated a high degree of patience, creativity and improvisation in making my video an excellent representation of my vision. I strongly recommend the company and potentially look forward to working with them again. Thanks Cole!

October 2017 - Kickstarter

Great communication and responsiveness. Cole is professional and put together great videos for our company, Thync.

March 2017 - Product

Great communicator! Looks wonderful!

April 2020 - Kickstarter

Cole is super talented and professional on filming. He knows how to produce a great video and walks us through each step of the production process. We are also impressed by his expertise as a director and an organizer in our filming day. Plus, super fast editing iteration. We become friends beside of our business contract! Recommend to your all!

October 2016 - Kickstarter

Vitascope was a pleasantly surprising discovery on Videopixie. As a lifestyle start up product with an extremely high expectation for quality and creativity, Vitascope ended up being a highly effective solution for our company's needs. Owner and producer, Cole Mueller, brings an abundance of experience and talent through his ability to create original concepts with clients that have minimal idea formation, as well as a unique ability to execute with clients that have detailed directives and visions. Having this appetite and skill set as a director, I believe, is rare, and therefore priceless from the client point of view. As a 'starving artist' I often joke of needing "Madison Avenue" creative quality for "Buffalo, NY" prices. In this instance, VitaScope happened to be able to bring this anomaly to life with our concept for ONE ROQ Vodka (Club). Thank you so much Vitascope - and Videopixie - for making our dreams reality. J.. Garrett Green Founder ONE ROQ Vodka

June 2018 - Product

We had a great video shoot! The chosen actors of Vitascope Arts were professional and nice. As well as the location and editing. Communication was great, and the shooting was highly professional! Will definitely work again with Vitascope Arts, and I will definitely recommend them to everyone else!

July 2017 - Product Filmed With Graphics

We work with Vitascope quite a bit on here and they always deliver. We would highly recommend them to anyone in the Southern California area who needs any of the following: creative scriptwriter, concept development, exquisite cinematography, advanced vfx, professional editing and absolutely flawless communication with the team. These guys are true pros.

January 2016 - Kickstarter

Cole was a pleasure to work with. He made the production process fun and easy. Thoroughly impressed with the final product. I'd definitely work with him again.

June 2017 - Product

Very professional, good communication, great image, easy to adapt to clients' requests and proactive proposing solutions. I recommend using Vitascope Arts services.

July 2016 - Kickstarter


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