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Zangs Films

Portland, OR, USA

Motion graphics designer • videographer • director • music composer • illustrator • color grader • camera operator • graphics designer • sound fx • video editor • sound engineer • visual fx • filmmaker

While working as a designer, Octave started shooting snowboarding and surfing in Europe, which led him to have his work showcased in renown publications. In mid-2014, when the opportunity presented itself, he took the leap and moved to California to create his own film production company. He is also an experienced music producer.

One Summer Swell with Pat Towersey


One Summer Swell with Pat Towersey





‘The Last Great Place’ is our latest fly fishing film which documents the vast Clark Fork watershed of western Montana.


Crank' is a fixed gear short film featuring Chris Thormann & Sean Martin for The Heavy Pedal. Follow their journey from Downtown to Elysian Park, Los Angeles, CA.


The Deepest Valley


'The Wild', featuring Noah Beschen was the 2015 REDirect Surf Grand Prize Winner. Presented by RED Digital Cinema & Surfer Mag.


'Four Hours' is a timelapse series depicting Iceland's unbelievably short, but incredibly beautiful winter days - four hours is the average amount of time the sun shines during this coldest season of the year.


A look inside the genesis and growth of motorbike and surf shop Deus Ex Machina. Released exclusively on Slate.com.

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