Getting Started

  1. What can I use Videopixie for?

    People use Videopixie to make kickstarter videos, explainers, ads, interviews, screencasts, customer testimonials, vacation videos, game trailers, corporate videos, and more.

  2. How does it work?

    Videopixie is a community of video professionals, available to help with every part of the video production process. Need a storyboard? freelance directors will brainstorm with you live. Need help filming? videographers in your area will get in touch. Need the video edited? upload your footage and freelance editors will bring it to life. Need end-to-end video production? video companies will pitch ideas and you'll select the concept you like best. In all cases, posting a project is free and chatting with creators is free.

  3. How much will it cost?

    Expect to pay 50% less than with an agency. We've streamlined the creative process so you can work with artists directly, without the overhead. More of your budget goes to the artists and everybody wins.

    Prices range from $50 to $50,000+, depending on the skills needed for your project: creative direction, writing, videography, editing, illustration, animation,... If you are unsure, you can ask us and the community in the live chat. We'll help you weigh your budget options. For example, a simple webshow should take 4-5 hours to edit and shouldn't cost more than $200. A pre-roll ad is more involved: creative direction, writing, production, post-production,... and you should probably budget at least $5000. Check out more examples on the pricing page.

    There are two ways to order a project:

    1. Videopixie Chooses. Let Videopixie choose the best video team for your project. We'll suggest a fair price based on your objectives, and we'll assign a video professional we trust and recommend.

    2. Receive Bids. In this option you ask the video community to bid on your project. You'll receive ~5-15 pitches with concept ideas, reels and proposed prices. Chat with the bidders, short list your favorites and select the one you like best.

  4. Is there a 'bulk discount'?

    Generally speaking, yes. Video makers are typically willing to provide a discount for repeat work. Contact us for more details

  5. What is Videopixie's fee?

    Our fee is typically around 4% (it ranges from 1% to 9% depending on project size, with a $9 minimum). For example, for a $5000 project our fee is $200 (4%). Other charges may apply depending on the payment method you choose.

  6. My project is confidential. What are my options?

    You have control over who can view your project. Option #1: select "Videopixie Chooses" - we will hand pick one (or possibly two) creators for your project, and no-one else will see it. Option #2: request bids - we will invite ~15 creators who we think are well suited for your project, and they will all see it. If you'd like a hybrid of those two options then please contact us.

  7. How long does it take?

    Simple editing projects can take as little as 1-2 days from posting. Finding a videographer can also be very fast. For more complex projects involving storyboarding, studio production or animation, the turnaround time is usually between 1 week and a month.

  8. Do I have to choose a bid?

    No, if you are not finding any bid that you like, then you can just let us know and we'll close the project. Also, we know the creators well. Reach out and we'll suggest new options for you

  9. What if I'm not happy?

    If you're unhappy with your video, then please alert us as soon as possible and we will help as best as we can. In situations where Videopixie recommended the video creator, we will bring in another team if needed - at no cost to you - until you are satisfied. In other cases, we will assess the work accomplished against industry standards and recommend a resolution that is fair to both parties. Note that milestone payments (eg. after storyboard approval) or advance payments for out-of-pocket expenses (eg. to hire actors, rent equipment) are usually not refundable.

  10. About The Video Creators

  11. Who are the Video Creators?

    Videopixie is a marketplace of video professionals covering the gamut of video production skills: directors, writers, storyboarders, videographers, editors, illustrators, animators, motion designers, music composers, visual FX specialists, sound FX specialists... The community includes freelancers as well as video production companies.

  12. Can I pick which creator does the work?

    Yes! If you ask creators for bids then you have complete control over who does the work. You can also ask specific video teams to bid. Only in the "Videopixie Choose" option, do you let us choose the creator for you.

  13. How much direction do I have to give to the video creators?

    That depends. All the video creators are professionals, so if you're not quite sure what you want then give them a few ideas and let them apply their discretion. For example, you could say "This is what our company is about, and I quite like these kinds for videos, beyond that I am open to your suggestions as long as the pitch video is engaging and memorable". We also offer creative direction consultations (free for large size projects) to help you hone in on a concept/storyboard for your video. On the other hand, if you know exactly what you want then tell the creators and they'll get it done.

  14. How many iterations will the video creators do?

    For edit only projects, it usually takes 2-3 iterations to get to the perfect final cut. Sometimes it takes more (eg. for movie trailers), in which case you can agree with your editor how many iterations are acceptable given the budget.

  15. What languages do your video creators speak?

    At the time of writing this FAQ: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Korean,... but you can ask us to check again as the community keeps growing

  16. What equipment/tools do the video creators use?

    The creators use their own equipment/tools, or sometimes they'll budget to rent from companies like Borrowlenses.com. For editing they use either Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Avid or Vegas. For motion graphics, most use After Effects, Motion, or Cinema 4D - if you want some extra pixiedust.

  17. Do I get to keep the .fcp or .ppj file?

    Yes, upon request at the beginning of the project, the video creator will upload the .fcp / .ppj file at the end of the project.

  18. How do I join the Videopixie community as a video creator?

    If you got skills, we got a you-shaped hole. You can sign-up as a professional right now! Why are you still here?

  19. Getting it Done...

  20. How do I get the files to you?

    You can upload your files through our website. If you'd like to mail us a memory card you can - please email us for instructions. We'll soon be adding integration for Dropbox, and Google Drive - so you'll be able to import files directly from there.

  21. What are some tips to increase upload speed?

    First, make sure your computer doesn't go to sleep or this will stop the upload. See instructions for Windows or Mac. Second, it may help to wire-in (with an Ethernet cable). Wifi signals can be spotty and lose packets. Lastly, test your upload speed, as you may need to talk to your ISP if the upload speed is too slow (<1 Mbps). And of course email us if you have any issues

  22. What types of files can I upload?

    Everything - video, audio, images, PDFs, text files, and more. Anything that's going to help get the project done is fine.

  23. What file containers and codecs for video and audio can I upload?

    Pretty much everything, seriously. When you upload your files our omni-lingual transcoder will convert them to a standard format. If you manage to find a file format that we don't speak then our transcoder will notify us, and we'll find a way around it.

  24. When do I pay?

    You pay when you're happy with the finished video. For larger projects your creator may request milestone payments or advance payments (eg. to pay actors, rent equipment, buy 3D models). You agree on payment schedule during the bidding process.

  25. How can I pay?

    You can pay by Credit Card directly from the site. You can also pay via Paypal, checks, ACH, or wire - contact us for specific instructions.

  26. Do I pay the creators directly?

    Videopixie handles the payment process for most projects. You pay Videopixie directly and we send the creators their fees. If you prefer, you can pay creators directly, in which case let us know and we'll invoice our fees separately.

  27. How do I add the video to my website?

    You download the finished video file (mp4), and then upload it to a video site like YouTube or Wistia or Vidyard

  28. How long will you store my footage & projects files?

    Your footage and project files will be stored for 3 months, which should leave ample time to complete most projects. If you need us to store your files longer, then we'll ask that you please cover the corresponding hosting cost (~$0.1/GB/month). Just email us to get an actual estimate based on file sizes.

  29. Making it AWESOME :)

  30. I saw a video I like - how do I get mine to look like that?

    Just add a link to it in the notes to the video creators, and they'll use that as a style guide. If you don't have a link then you can ask the community to suggest inspiration videos.

  31. Do you have a library of style and effects that I can browse to give me ideas?

    Yes! We have lots of examples to help you tell the creators what you want. Take a look at the demo

  32. My footage is not great, what can I do?

    They say "You can't turn sausages into Fillet Mignon". We say, "you sure can make some delicious Sausage dinners!" Or to put it another way: the video creators can make great videos from OK footage, but you're probably not going to win Best Cinematography at the next Oscars. The video creators all know how to balance colors, balance audio, rotoscope out the bad bits, apply filters for added pop, and generally apply some pixie dust.

  33. Can I get a voice actor?

    Yes. Add a note to the video creator asking for voice actor, and they will arrange that. The cost is approximately $30 for a one minute screencast.

  34. I'm doing a screencast - do I have to upload a narration?

    If you want your voice in the screencast, then you should upload an audio file of your narration. Alternatively request a voice actor, and add a script - either as notes, or as a text file. Your third option is to request a voice actor, and upload a rough narration, rather than a script.

  35. Video Creator Questions

  36. What types of projects will I find on Videopixie?

    A wide variety: from crowdfunding videos to big brand commercials, from edit-only jobs to end-to-end productions, from spunky game trailers to hour-long course videos.

  37. How do I get selected for a project?

    Depending on the project, the selection happens in one of two ways:

    1. Direct match. Sometimes clients want Videopixie to pick the video creator for them. If you are on the "recommended" list and have done similar work before, you'll be among the first to receive a notification. If you like the project and can deliver in time, then be the first to accept the project and it's yours.

    2. Bids. We'll invite you to project that best match your skills, location and price range. You'll be invited by email, and you'll then be able to review the project and submit a bid. We recommened you include links to your most relevant work. You get the job if your bid is selected. For larger projects, bids might include a more developed pitch with concept and moodboard

  38. A client and I agreed to work together, what next?

    Congratulations! Just make sure that your client accepts your bid on the site (you'll know they did because you'll receive a confirmation email). This will allow us to alert the other bidders that the project found a match. And it will make official the scope and expectations as described in your bid and subsequent discussions.

  39. The first cut is ready, how can I share it with my client?

    We recommend that you upload your work to the "cuts" tab. It is a safer process: clients are able to view the cut in SD, but the HD version is only made available after the project has been paid for.

  40. How do I communicate with clients?

    There are two main ways to communicate with clients:

    1. Q&A. Before submitting your bid, use the Q&A section to clarify the scope and gather all the information needed to place your bid. The Q&A is visible to other creators invited to the project.

    2. Direct Messaging. After submitting your bid, use Direct Messaging to chat privately with the client and fine tune your bid or brainstorm concepts.

    Note. Email and phone are fine too, but probably most appropriate when you've already started working on the project. And in any case, we recommend that you keep a log of important decisions on the site - always a good practice.

  41. How does payment work?

    Videopixie typically handles the payment process: the clients pay us, and we send you your fees (100% of what you bid). That said, clients can also pay you directly if required. In which case, please let us know and we'll invoice our fees separately to the client.

  42. Can I request milestone payments? upfront payments?

    Yes, feel free to discuss milestone payments and upfront payments with your client in the bidding phase. By default, Videopixie doesn't require client to pay until the very end to download the final cut in HD. But setting milestone payments makes a lot of sense, especially for larger projects. For example: 33% at storyboard approval, 33% after the shoot, and 33% upon completion are standard terms of project >$5k. Advance payments are also sometimes acceptable, especially when incurring significant out-of-pocket expenses (eg. to hire actors, rent expensive gear...). The payment schedule just needs to be discussed with the client and communicated back to us. Also make sure that your client is aware of the refund policy regarding advance payments. Once you've agreed on a payment schedule, let us know and we'll invoice accordingly.

  43. Can I use my own contract?

    Yes, having a contract with your client is recommended, especially for larger projects. Even if there is no contract, make sure that your bid and subsequent messages clearly define scope, deliverables, payment schedule and terms.

  44. How do I get paid?

    Payments are sent via Paypal or via ACH Transfer (for US bank accounts). ACH is free but a tad slower. Depending on your bank, ACH transfers can take 2-5 business days to clear once initiated. Payment is initiated on the Friday of the week when your client pays.

  45. Where do I input my info to get paid?

    We don't require your payment info until a first payment is actually due. We'll reach out to you by email right after your first client pays and set up Paypal, or ACH then.

  46. How long does it take to receive the funds?

    When your client pays, you immediately receive a confirmation email, then we initiate your payment on the Friday of the same week (via Paypal or ACH depending on your preference). Exceptionally you can ask for payment to be processed faster - email us at human@videopixie.com

  47. Who owns the rights to what?

    When a creator wins a project, then the rights to all the work they did on that project will be transferred to the customer at finalization of the project. After this transfer the only right retained by said video creator will be the right to include said works in their portfolio / reel for the purposes of promoting themselves. This right will be exlcluded from the transfer when explicitly so requested by the customer.

    When a creator does not win a project, the customer does not have the rights to the materials that the creator produced in the bidding process. When a video creator does not win a project, that creator does not have the right to distribute, reuse or otherwise profit from any works (inculding teasers) that make use of the customer's assets, except where given explict permission to do so.

    In all circumstances the rights to the original assets (provided by the customer) will remain with the customer, and creators do not have any rights to said assets outside of the scope of the project, unless explicitly so granted by the customer.

  48. My client hasn't paid, what can I do?

    If your client isn't responsive, or isn't satisfied with the work and refuses to pay, then contact us as soon as possible. We'll chime in and offer our help. Often it's just a matter of giving the client more time to respond. In other cases, we will assess the work done to date against industry standards and we will suggest an equitable resolution. Our role remains that of a mediator and we are not responsible for the possible losses. To limit your exposure, we recommend that you have a contract in place with your client and set simple milestone payments for large projects.

  49. Why should I get a profile on Videopixie?

    Your profile appears on the Find Video Creators page, where prospective users can find you and book you directly. Being listed also gives you access to an individual url (eg. Mikl's page) that you can share with prospects or on your resume.

  50. How do I get a profile on Videopixie?

    To create or update your profile click "My Profile" from the settings menu in the app, or go directly to www.videopixie.com/console/my-profile

  51. I bid on a project and see this message "Sorry, the client is not currently interested..."

    We tell clients to sort through the bids they receive and to dismiss the ones they are not interested in. They can change their mind later, but for now it means they decided to pass.

  52. Can I filter which projects I am notified about?

    You can change your email settings to only be notified about projects relevant to you. You can filter based on location, scope and budget. To access your email preferences go to the settings menu (cog icon) or click this link.

  53. How to Get Invited to Projects

  54. Why have you changed the way creators get invited to projects?

    As the community grew to 5,000 creators we started seeing projects where clients were getting 50 bids - sometimes even 100 - some of which were irrelevant. Clients were unhappy about that - it just took them too long to work through them all. We also heard from some creators that some projects had too much competition to be worth their time. So now we try to make sure that each client gets around 10 bids. It would be unfair to make it ‘first-come-first-served', and we didn't want to make it ‘pay to play', so we created an algorithm to figure out which 15 creators are most likely to be picked by the client, and we invite only those.

  55. Does the algorithm pick who the client works with?

    No, it only decides who is invited. Creators then decide whether to bid, and the client then picks the winning bid.

  56. What does the algorithm take into account?

    It looks at your historic performance on Videopixie, taking into account the type of project, the scope of work and the budget. It also filters by geography if the client needs filming to take place at a specific location. The ‘performance' metric is boosted by winning a project, and by being shortlisted.

  57. Is there any human oversight?

    Yes, we oversee the invites, and if anything looks off Thomas will intervene.

  58. Are new creators disadvantaged, because they don't have any historic performance?

    No, when a new creator signs up we ask them what type of projects they most want to be invited to, and we give them an initial boost there, so that they can be invited along side more established creators. Right now that's done by emailing thomas@videopixie.com, and we'll soon build a UI to allow you to enter it yourself.

  59. I haven't received an invite in a while, is it normal?

    The frequency of invites depends on your performance and on the volume of projects we get in your area of focus. Newcomers to the platform can expect to receive a few invites every month on average. Creators with a strong track record in a high-demand category (eg. Kickstarter) will get a few invites weekly. If you haven't received an invite in a month, then email thomas@videopixie.com so we can take a look at your account. It is possible that we are struggling to find relevant opportunities for you, but we'll double check and try our best.

  60. Can creators pay to be invited more often, or listed higher?

    No, definitely not. That wouldn't be good for the clients, nor fair to the other creators.

  61. I worked with a client that I meet on Videopixie, but the project wasn't formally awarded to me on Videopixie - does that help me get invited to future projects?

    If this happens, please tell us and we will update your metrics. If you don't tell us then you'll be missing out.

  62. How often is the algorithm updated?

    It's updated within minutes of new data coming in (e.g. when you win a project).

  63. I don't see my profile listed anywhere in your public lists of creators - why not?

    Some of those lists are built manually - if you'd like to be included please email thomas@videopixie.com and tell us which ones. Please make sure your profile includes appropriate videos for featuring on each list.

  64. Is this set in stone?

    Definitely not. We're still changing it, and we want your input.