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Video production examples

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Kickstarter Video

Font Awesome raised over $1M+ on Kickstarter! becoming the most backed software campaign of all time. They used Videopixie to find the perfect video production company: Knox Avenue

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Game Trailer

Animator Andriy Zvir created this upbeat trailer for Legends TD, Babeltime's cool new tower defense game. A balanced mix of 2D animated cut-scenes and enhanced gameplay.

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Indiegogo Video

Video studio Hunt House Pictures beautifully filmed Zboard's product and edited the flow in this crowdfunding video for Zboard's second Indiegogo campaign. It raised over $800k!.

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Pitch Video

Videographer Hard Road Pictures collaborated with video editor Alexander Thomas Media Co to produce this powerful ad for IGP Energy to use with their investors.

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Product Video

Apache Pine Headphones filmed their own beautiful footage and needed a video editor to bring it all together. Video editor Christopher Hutchinson delivered.

$375 edit
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Animated Explainer Video

Animators Lunamik created this high quality motion graphics for Patient Bank's animated explainer video, to keep their audience watching to the end.

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Screencast Explainer

Animator Hoju Kim created this engaging explainer video for Townsquare by weaving screencast video with typography.

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Kickstarter Video

For their kickstarter video, Flamestower wanted to connect with nature lovers. Video studio Rebel Unit Media filmed beautiful locations and set the perfect mood.

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Explainer Video

Videographer Alexander Thomas Media Co used stock footage and subtle animation to bring this explainer video to life for MedicX.

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Wedding Video

Wedding videographer IQ Videography captured this special day with masterful cinematography and storytelling for Lista and Jonas at the Annadel State Winery.

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Background Video

Videographer Ioana Vasile collaborated with video editor Eddie DaRoza to create this custom background video for Heyzap's homepage

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Fitness Video

Videographer Ioana Vasile produced 10 fitness videos for XHIT to showcase their new workout series. All for a budget of $1500.

$1500 for 10 episodes
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